The School

Founded in 1989, Monica’s School is an international preschool (K1 – K5).

In a friendly environment, children of all nationalities between the ages of 1 and 6 receive individualized attention in an English speaking environment. While having fun, they learn about the world of reading, writing, math and arts, among other activities that develop their potential and form of expression. Through the
Montessori education method, children are incentivized in a comprehensive manner,
that is, focusing on their psychological, physical, intellectual and social aspects.

We are committed to offering children transformational education that allows them to develop the competencies necessary to face future challenges.

What is the Montessori Method?

The Montessori method values independence, freedom within limits, and playing as the foundation for learning, while also respecting a child’s natural development.

We Care

Healthy Meals

Healthy meals

The school is equipped with an industrial kitchen and cooks who daily prepare a food menu prepared by a nutritionist. Meals are well-balanced and aim to promote good eating habits.

Arts and Crafts


Learning to create and appreciate art contributes to a child’s complete development.
Through playful-educational and materials-exploring activities, kids experience their creative and also culture-producing process, developing their physical, psychological, intellectual and social aspects.

Music Classes

Music classes

Orff is the method adopted for music classes, which is a music-education system with emphasis on percussion and rhythm. Children are encouraged to first discover the sounds of the body – steps, hand clapping, feet, whistling, etc. They are then introduced to new sounds, this time with instruments. As they express themselves, children also develop their ability to “listen”.

Corporal Education

Physical education

In carefully prepared classes, children participate in a wide variety of games that develop body awareness, motor skills, flexibility, autonomy and creativity, as well as interpersonal relationship skills like partnership and collaboration.

The Monica’s School experience

If you’re looking for an international preschool for your children, you are probably researching many schools – after all, we always want the best for our children. We believe that the best way to learn everything you need to know about Monica’s School is to visit our school.

We will be thrilled to show you our installations, which were built from scratch specifically to be a pre-primary school, as well as see how we treat our little students. Schedule a visit and see why Monica’s School is the perfect place for your children and family.

What’s happening at Monica’s School